Spellborn: Story-Rich Open-World Medieval RPG

Inspired by historical events

Game Summary and Features

  • Third-person Single Player Campaign.
  • Main quests and side quests in a 14th-century medieval open world with spiritual, religious & war themes.
  • Grounded story based on historical facts with a measured mix of fantasy.
  • A nether-realm dimension, lurking with creatures comprised of open fields and linear maps.
  • Fast travel throughout the open world and via the nether realm.
  • A constantly paced sense of adventure, danger and purpose.
  • Companions that follow along or lead and assist during the game.
  • Gritty dialogue with some humour in the right places.
  • Stealth, Melee and Ranged combat involving spells, acrobatics and medieval weaponry.
  • Enemy Squads and Unique Bosses to defeat.
  • Exploration, loot, and quest discovery.
  • Crafting of magical alchemical abilities.
  • Environmental Puzzle Solving.
Emeline Highmore

She is seen by some as a witch and by others as a saint. She begins experiencing severe hallucinogenic visions while studying at a convent for well-raised girls.


As she discovers the ability to move objects with her mind, she is accused of witchcraft and expelled from the convent.


Emeline returns home to find her family taken prisoner for their role in a village uprising against local commissioners collecting heavy taxes instituted by 14-year-old King Ulvin and his regent uncle, Duke Lansdred.


Emeline becomes an icon for the masses and leads her followers through a bitter conflict for human rights in a world based on events of the 14th Century.

Determined to rescue her family, she joins the growing rebellion and becomes recognised for her supernatural abilities, prophetic visions and what seems to be divine favour. She is assisted by a great alchemist who uses his science to augment her powers.

Roden the Frugal – Rebellion Leader

Gefrid Clergy of Brindsay – Activist

Paradosen – Rebellion Alchemist

A rivalling alchemist in the pay of the duke uses his equally excellent alchemical skills to bring demons from the nether realm to strengthen the king’s army and push back the rebellion.

Through the player’s journey, Emeline will gain control over her supernatural abilities, travel through both the earthen and nether-realm, meet people, be confronted by the cruelty of war, and question the morals and actions of both in power and those she’s fighting for.

Vinsigith – The King’s Alchemist

Duke Lansdred – Archenemy

Prince Ulvin – The Boy King

Game Trailer

Gameplay Prototype

The Void Mocap Studio

7D has recorded mocap animations in collaboration with The Void mocap Studio and is looking to engage commercially with The Void for motion capture once our project is funded.

Making Hair for Characters

7D makes custom 3D human characters, including clothes and even hair! We have robust and dependable workflows for creating assets from short to long wavy hair.

Stronghold Environment

Placeholder to be replaced with a high-quality setting once we have funds to employ an environment and level designer.

Lorstan Town Square Environment

Placeholder to be replaced with a high-quality setting once we have funds to employ an environment and level designer.

A creature summoned from the nether realm by an alchemist in the pay of Duke Lansdred. These creatures are used as powerful soldiers to fight the rebellion.