7D operates in a distributed office model. You will be working remotely but interacting daily with team members. It is preferable if the team is in the same time zone, i.e., Australia, however members living overseas will be considered providing they can adjust their work hours without negatively impacting their lifestyle.

Level Designer

(Applications now closed)

To apply for this job, you must show levels you have previously created in an actual playable 1st or 3rd person published game or a viewable game prototype.


As part of your application, you must demonstrate your understanding of creating both outdoor and indoor levels by telling us in your own words what you think is a good level design.


Tell us about the tools you use and how effective your workflow is for creating layouts for levels. You need to unpack your knowledge to gain our interest in employing you.


You will be assessed based on your demonstrated ability to create levels that:

  • Are fun to navigate
  • Have the right level and number of challenges and choices
  • Are gorgeous and designed with inspiration and passion
  • Communicate the intended vision of the game writer
  • Adhere to a consistent set of patterns that players learn to recognise throughout the game
  • Create elements of surprise from time to time


Required Skills and Experience:

  • Strong Experience with Unreal Engine
    • Knowledge and understanding of UE5 Lumen and Nanite for static and foliage assets
    • Outliner and World partition asset management
  • Experience with a distributed source control system such as Plastic SCM or GIT.
  • Create and organise levels derived from story scripts and visual concepts
    • Suggest improvements where required
  • Contribute environment concepts and layout
  • Use provided assets and/or create your own
    • Communicate any issues with provided assets either and be part of the solution
  • Leverage Lumen dynamic lighting and additional lights
    • Achieve realistic looking illumination whilst considering real-time performance
  • Play test your own levels first to make sure they work before being handed over to game testers.
    • Communicate any issues with the programmer and engage in conversations that lead to pragmatic solutions
  • The ability to:
    • Work remotely and communicate with relevant stakeholders such as Cinematic artist and Game developers within the team to nurture good collaboration and a positive culture.
    • Adhere to the Studio’s Operational Processes and deadlines.
    • Work during at least 4 core business hours to South Australian time zone.



Providing you have provable previous commercial experience with a medium to large game studio, even if you do not tick all the boxes, please get in touch with us and we will assess your skills and level of experience and see how you would fit in the team.

Contact 7D Games for a confidential and friendly interview or if you have any questions, please ask 😉